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Teal Opens Sept 12! Let’s hunt!

Backwater Waterfowler’s, It’s that time – Teal Season! September 12-27, 2015 TEAL: We still have some dates available for teal hunts during our early season. Hunts will take place in Garwood, Texas. Teal numbers on the prairie are strong and we expect another great season. DOVE: The White Wing numbers continue to hold solid with a strong number of Mourning Doves across the area. We will be hunting the El Campo/Garwood/Eagle Lake area as well as South of I-0 in the Sealy area. We also still have spots available for dove hunting in the Central Zone in Sealy. DOVE/TEAL COMBO: With Teal Season upon us, the time is now to take advantage of a full day of wing shooting. Come out with us in the morning for some past pace teal gunning over decoys and then enjoy an afternoon dove hunt. This is our most popular hunt we offer because it is the best of both worlds for the discerning wing shooter. We have a few dates available. DUCK/GOOSE: We still have openings available throughout the season. I know most of you had a chance to enjoy a great waterfowl season with us last year and with the reported hatch this season is looking to trump last season’s record. Let us know if we can assist you in booking a morning of waterfowl hunting. We want everyone that comes to hunt with us to have a great outing and make a memory in the field. The staff at Backwater Waterfowl will go above and beyond to ensure this. Let us work hard and show you what we have to offer to gain your business. You won’t be disappointed.   For any information or pricing you may require please contact us at the information below or Also check us out and give us a Like on Facebook  Give us a call if you are interested in booking at hunt:  Call Lance: 979-966-7732 or email with any comments or questions: [email protected] Lance Stancik/owner


What Type of Hunting Do You Prefer?

Is venturing out on Texas Duck Hunts your thing? Perhaps you prefer the thrill of a good Texas White Wing Dove Hunt? Maybe great, old-fashioned Canada Goose Hunts are more your style?

At Backwater Waterfowl and Retrievers, we pride ourselves on offering our customers the best action packed hunting experience possible, regardless of it is in Texas or Canada. Knowing what our hunters desire is a critical component in providing that action packed hunting experience that we promise.

With that in mind, we wanted to find out what type of hunting trips you like the most.   We also would like to know what factors are instrumental in deciding on the hunting trip of your choice.   Is the location of the hunt your primary concern?   Does the type of waterfowl you are hunting make a difference?   Is the length of the hunting season critical in your decision making process?  Do you prefer hunting in certain weather conditions more than others?  Perhaps there are reasons we have not even mentioned.

Regardless of your reasons for preferring one type of hunting experience to another, we want to hear them.   We love our hunters, and believe that through receiving constant feedback we will be able to make your next hunting experience with us one that you will never forget.


Calling All Duck Callers….

Do you like going on Texas duck hunts and consider yourself one of the best duck hunters in the state?   Do hundreds of ducks search for you after hearing your patented duck call?  Good news.   If this describes you, there is an event coming to Texas where you can showcase your abilities. According to, on Saturday, Aug. 11, Bass Pro Shops Outdoor World at Katy Mills Mall in Katy, Texas will host the Texas State Championship Duck Calling Contest.   The contest is only for those individuals 17-years-of-age or older, and prizes will be handed out to the first, second, and third place finishers at the event. Furthermore, the winner of the Texas State Championship Duck Calling Contest will represent all of Texas at he World Championship Duck Calling Contest.  The World Championship Duck Calling Contest will take place this November in Stuttgart, Ark. If you plan on participating in this event, we, at Backwater Waterfowl and Retrievers, would love for you to share your experience at the event with us.    If you take pictures at the event, or come home with a great story to tell, we would be happy to recognize your efforts in a positive way. Now, go practice those duck calls!


Good news for Texas Duck Hunts: More ducks expected than normal this season

With it being summer, it’s a great time to plan your Texas Duck Hunts.   But according to a recent survey from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, duck hunts should be even more prosperous than normal for Texas hunters that venture on duck hunting trips during the 2012 duck-hunting season.  The survey showed that the number of ducks in North America has to grown to an estimated number of 48.6 million breeding ducks. Scientists claim this is the largest amount of breeding ducks ever recorded in North America.   The estimated 48.6 million breeding ducks represents a 7% rise from last year.   It is also 43% more than the historic breeding duck average since 1955. With it being duck hunting season and all, does anyone remember the classic Looney Tunes episode where Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck work hard to convince Elmer Fudd to shoot the other animal?  The episode involved Bugs holding up a sign that said Duck Season while Daffy held up a sign that said Rabbit Season.   They kept switching the signs so fast that Elmer Fudd was thoroughly confused and had no idea which one of them to shoot first.

Here is a clip(courtesy of youtube and Warner Bros.) from that Looney Tunes episode:


What part of “Man’s Best Friend” do some people not understand?

At Backwater Waterfowl and Retrievers, we love dogs.

To us, a dog is like a member of the family.  Hence, the “retrievers” part of our company name.   Other than going on Texas duck hunts or Canada goose hunts, nothing is more enjoyable to us than training man’s best friend to be the best hunting companion a guy could ever have.  That’s why it pains us greatly to read stories of canine cruelty. A few years ago, it upset us when NFL quarterback Michael Vick was found to have led a dogfighting operation using pit bulls he specifically trained to fight. Today, another story involving the mistreatment of dogs has us trying to figure out why someone would hurt man’s best friend.   According to this article by KHOU 11 in Houston, over 300 dogs were taken from a seven-acre property in Willis, Texas.   The article states that many of the dogs were living in cages so small that they couldn’t even stand up or turn around.   Could you imagine trying to live in a space that cramped?  It would be pure torture. If you have a dog, please make sure to give them a big hug and extra attention when you get home tonight.