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What to Take Hunting | Waterfowl Hunting in Texas & Canada

While hunting, whether you are in Canada or Texas, one of the most important things is comfort. Watching the “predicted” weather for waterfowl hunting is an absolute must prior to your departure. Your guides will be able to help as you get closer to you hunt. Waterfowl hunting in Texas can be moderately cold one day and warm the next. Layering is the best approach while considering what to pack for hunting. There are many products out there to aid in comfortable layering.

Hunting Items to Bring:

  • Camo Clothing (check the weather – mild to cold weather gear)
  • Camo Gloves
  • Camo Facemask
  • Waterproof Boots
  • Camera (don’t forget it)
  • Shotgun (12-20 gauge that you are comfortable shooting)

Personal Items to Bring:

  • Applicable STATE hunting license
  • Applicable Stamps
  • US Passport (if traveling to Canada)
  • Appropriate Passport (if traveling to US)
NOTE: Carrying your gun into Canada is very easy to do. You will have to fill out some paperwork prior to arrival to get your gun(s) into Canada. It is a very simple process. The form can be filled out prior to your trip. PLEASE just don’t sign it till you are in front of the customs agent as it is a declaration. For more information on carrying guns into: Canadian Gun Form

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