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What part of “Man’s Best Friend” do some people not understand?

At Backwater Waterfowl and Retrievers, we love dogs.

To us, a dog is like a member of the family.  Hence, the “retrievers” part of our company name.   Other than going on Texas duck hunts or Canada goose hunts, nothing is more enjoyable to us than training man’s best friend to be the best hunting companion a guy could ever have.  That’s why it pains us greatly to read stories of canine cruelty.
A few years ago, it upset us when NFL quarterback Michael Vick was found to have led a dogfighting operation using pit bulls he specifically trained to fight.
Today, another story involving the mistreatment of dogs has us trying to figure out why someone would hurt man’s best friend.   According to this article by KHOU 11 in Houston, over 300 dogs were taken from a seven-acre property in Willis, Texas.   The article states that many of the dogs were living in cages so small that they couldn’t even stand up or turn around.   Could you imagine trying to live in a space that cramped?  It would be pure torture.
If you have a dog, please make sure to give them a big hug and extra attention when you get home tonight.