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Good news for Texas Duck Hunts: More ducks expected than normal this season

With it being summer, it’s a great time to plan your Texas Duck Hunts.   But according to a recent survey from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, duck hunts should be even more prosperous than normal for Texas hunters that venture on duck hunting trips during the 2012 duck-hunting season.  The survey showed that the number of ducks in North America has to grown to an estimated number of 48.6 million breeding ducks.

Scientists claim this is the largest amount of breeding ducks ever recorded in North America.   The estimated 48.6 million breeding ducks represents a 7% rise from last year.   It is also 43% more than the historic breeding duck average since 1955.

With it being duck hunting season and all, does anyone remember the classic Looney Tunes episode where Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck work hard to convince Elmer Fudd to shoot the other animal?  The episode involved Bugs holding up a sign that said Duck Season while Daffy held up a sign that said Rabbit Season.   They kept switching the signs so fast that Elmer Fudd was thoroughly confused and had no idea which one of them to shoot first.

Here is a clip(courtesy of youtube and Warner Bros.) from that Looney Tunes episode: