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Tips for Successful Canada Goose Hunts

Planning your Canada Goose Hunts in the near future? Here are some important facts/tips for you to consider:

Despite being large birds, they have a small kill radius considering their size.

A 12-gauge shotgun with number one shells is the preferred weapon of choice.

Get a good pair of waterproof boots that can withstand high amounts of walking in wet conditions.

The hunting season typically begins in October and extends through winter.

Canadian geese eat plenty of grain, so hunting them on private farms is quite common.

There are 7 unique types of Canada geese. They are classified as Atlantic, Hudson Bay or Interior, Giant, Moffitt’s or Great Basin, Lesser, Dusky, and Vancouver.

Usually, the further north in Canada you hunt, the smaller the geese.

The Giant Canada goose is the largest goose in the world.

If the end of your gun barrel covers over 50% of the bird, you are unlikely to get a clean kill.

Most kills occur within 50 yards.

Canada geese like the feel of the wind blowing in their faces. They either land with the wind in their face, or prefer to face or move into the wind when walking and swimming.

If you learn these facts and follow the tips included, your next Canada Goose Hunt should be a very successful one.