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Last Minute Dove Hunt with Backwater

LAST MINUTE DOVE HUNT for Backwater Waterfowlers Back in from Canada with nothing but great things to report on the hatch and what we have to look forward to this winter. Did a little scouting checking water on the properties and am glad to report the doves seemed to have moved in. I have a 150 acre Sesame Patch west of Garwood, Texas that is loaded with mourning dove. I know I have had alot of interest in people wanting to dove hunt the last couple weeks. With the outlook being dismal we have held off but not anymore. This last front has started what will hopefully turn into a grand passage for the next couple of months. I have Saturday and Sunday the 22 & 23rd open as well as all of next week. Anyone wanting to get in a dove hunt this weekend call or email and we can get you set up. More to Follow Thanks, Lance Stancik Backwater Waterfowl 979-966-7732 [email protected]


Canada Duck Hunts

SASKATCHEWAN, CANADA | I still have a few dates available for a trip to the duck and goose Mecca in Canada for this fall.  I know a lot of you have shown interest in heading up and with the conditions set in front of us there is no better time than now.  This is a hassle free trip with all the logistics in place to ensure you a trip of a lifetime.  Dates available are in October. Total duck populations were estimated at 45.6 million breeding ducks on the surveyed area. This estimate represents an 11 percent increase over last year’s estimate of 40.9 million birds.  This was only the fifth time in the survey’s history that the total duck population exceeded 40 million.  Habitat conditions across the U.S. and Canadian prairies and parklands were considered excellent. We want everyone that comes to hunt with us to have a great outing and make a memory in the field.  The staff of Backwater Waterfowl will go above and beyond to ensure this.  Let us work hard and show you what we have to offer to gain your business.  You won’t be disappointed. For any information or pricing you may require Lance Stancik /owner 979-966-7732 [email protected]


DOVE, DOVE and more DOVE

The White Wing Dove hunting the last 5 days has been nothing short of amazing for us.  The Dove numbers in the Sealy area have been unbelievable and hunters are leaving with overflowing game bags and big smiles on their faces.  Normally after opening weekend hunters seem to start drawing their attention toward the upcoming duck and deer season but I am here to tell you don’t forget about the dove.  The White Wing hunting this year has been the best I have seen and has shown no sign of slowing down.  17 hunters had full limits yesterday evening getting to watch the show till dark.  We will be staying on them the rest of the season so anyone wanting to get in another hunt just call or email and I can get you setup.  We will be running hunts every morning and afternoon for the rest of the season (only afternoon Dove hunts on Sept 10,11,17,18 due to the morning Teal hunts).


Teal season opens statewide this coming Saturday Sept. 10 and the scouting reports are looking great with most, if not all, of our rice fields holding many Teal.  We still have some dates available on weekdays and a few spots on the weekend of Sept. 24,25.


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